Sunday, May 16, 2010


I just arrived back from my holiday up in Cairns, tropical north Queensland.
Cairns is just amazing, it's got everything you would want for a 21st birthday getaway:
*Tropical weather. CHECK
*Extreme Sports. CHECK
*Close to islands and the Great Barrier Reef. CHECK
*Very quiet and chilled atmosphere through the day. CHECK
*Party central at night. CHECK
*Gilligans (the best backpackers). CHECK

The best places to go out at night include, the Woolshed, Gilligans,(and on Thursdays it's ladies night meaning free champagne!) and the ultimate party bus on Saturdays.
The one thing that no-one seemed mention to us that i feel would have been great advise, is to note that when traveling to the islands via boat, it's very rough. I mean crazy rough. 90% of passengers are throwing up from sea sickness and we have only been on the boat for 15 minutes! SO for future advise, take sea sickness tablets before hand. Other than that, i recommend hiring a car so you can travel up to Palm Cove, and the best time of year to go to Cairns is through winter as the weathers still hot but humidity is not as high oh, and they're aren't any deadly stingers in the water.

Although Linda, Natasha and i only had 4 days, it was the best four days i could imagine.
We went snorkelling,

we ate crocodile meat (surprisingly it was very delicious!)

Linda celebrated her 21st, sky diving and bungee jumping and we went on the jungle swing!

Relaxed at Green Island

And had the best time at Gilligans 5 star resort backpackers. For $30 per night, you get your own bathroom, a balcony, there's a pool, a bar, and it turns into a night club, not to mention the FREE meal every night and all the amazing people we got to meet. Check them out

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  1. Hey Laura, just reading your blog, I'm from the UK and I'm heading down the east coast of Australia in a few weeks, staying at Gilligans in Cairns. What sorts of activities do they have available in the day? Or what activities DID they have?

    Thanks :)